The author of the Blog has Graduated from A Masters of International Relations from the University of Sydney and from UNSW with a Double Major in International Relations and History and currently studying a Masters in International Relations at Sydney University.

Being that the title of this Blog is named in homage to the lyrics of John Lennon’s ‘Gimme Sound Truth’, this blog is dedicated to exploring news and current events. It will also take an unorthodox view to history, economics, international relations and geo-politics.

It’s also particularly aware, that while many other alternative media sites and blogs may be very informative, they do focus on many other areas of the world, leaving Australia, somewhat in the dark. Therefore, it will do its best to help readers realize what the implications of international events will affect Australia.

Just Gimme Some Truth seeks to be a ‘House of Ideas’ and is therefore open to all ideas and opinions from across the spectrum. Please take note the ideas and beliefs expressed by the guests interviewed does not necessarily reflect those of which I hold.




2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Vermouth said:

    Hey mate, I tried to email this to you using your australiandemocraticrepublican@hotmail.com email address but I got a ‘delivery failed’ notice so… don’t know if you received it? Maybe your email isn’t working?

    Anyway, the body of the email is detailed below, I hope you manage to receive it through this system. I would have preferred to conduct this conversation via email than through a public forum, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers, right?


    I just discovered your blog by accident via Google. So far I haven’t given it a really thorough read, but I’ve skimmed bits and pieces of it and it looks very impressive. I plan on sitting down at various points over the next few weeks, when I have time, and reading each entry- but so far, as I’ve said, my time atm is a bit limited so my exact knowledge of your blog’s contents is pretty perfunctory.

    Actually found your blog through a Google search for ‘Strasserism’, looking for some fair-use works which cover that ideology. I already have copies of both his books, as well as Douglas Reed’s biographical works, but my access to academic databases & their peer-reviewed articles on the subject will be limited until a few weeks from now so, yeah, pretty much digging for info where I can until then. So I was pretty happy to find your articles ‘What do you think would have happened to the Third Reich had Hitler been assassinated as early as 1934?’ (much of which I agreed with), and ‘The Annexation of National Socialism by Hitlerism’ (which I have only briefly skimmed so far, but again from what I’ve seen I seem to agree with your sentiments).

    I reckon this question would probably be answered if I read your blog much more fully, but I don’t genuinely have the time at the moment, so I hope you don’t mind me asking you his directly: are you a Strasserist? I am not going to judge you positively or negatively, whatever your answer. I’m interested in politics, & ideological theory in particular, & personally feel the 21st century is due for a new syncretistic political-economic worldview which draws a wide range of elements from multiple sources (the current available political options all seem to be more than a little outdated & increasingly irrelevant). I’m trying to determine if Strasserism & other ‘conservative socialist’ ideals, which I find personally appealing, could serve as some of those potential sources. I thought I would ask before delving into your blog, partly to provide context while I read it, & also because most ‘Strasserists’ on the internet tend to either be:

    1. Cosplaying DeviantArt uniform-fetishists but like stuff that’s edgy; they’re Strasserists when online only.
    2. Political hipster-activists attracted to National Socialism (either for genuine reasons or just because they too want to be ‘edgy’), but are terrified that this will make people think they are ‘racist’- so they adopt a ‘non-racist, non-offensive form of National Socialism!!’, ignoring the fact that Strasser was an ethnic-nationalist (“…we do not deny our subordination to blood, race, and nationality…”) and his solution to the ‘Jewish question’ was, pretty enlightened for its time but still based entirely on views which would be seen as racist by many today (assimilation, managing Jews & other minorities through a dedicated Department).

    If you are a Strasserist, you don’t seem to fall into either of these two categories, which is a rare breath of fresh air. Whether you’re a Strasserist, a liberal, communist, someone just interested in politics, whatever, you seem to know what you’re talking about- so I’m curious to find out what your political tendency is, if any, before I start delving into your blog, your views on Strasser, & your views on other subjects. I personally have only just started my research into Strasser (and other ‘conservative socialists’, like Spengler), so I’m a bit ‘green’ on this subject and apologise if any of what I’ve said in this email comes across as inaccurate.

    Also- apologies for the excessive length of it, realise this email could have been a lot shorter but I tend to be WAY too wordy- especially when it comes to my pet love of political ideologies. Hope reading it wasn’t too inconvenient. If it is, feel free to answer just with a, “I’m a Strasserist! Seeya!’ or ‘Nope, I vote Tory! Thanks for reading!” I won’t be offended. 🙂

    Thanks for your time, look forward to hearing from you,


    • Hi Vermouth

      Thank you very much for the feedback and the compliments.

      To answer you questions I would say I lean towards Liberalist Constitutional Republicanism (in very broad terms) and my interests lay in, predominately, the political philosophy of democratic, constitutional and republican movements. I would say that I am a Radical Centrist. I am also very interested in political ideologies and history.

      In regards to Strasserism, while I am not an advocate of such on ideology, I do find it very interesting. The traditional narrative gives the impression that Hitler created Nazism from scratch and implemented. This completely ignores the other side of the story of Strasser and his ideas.

      In terms of the inter-war period I am interested in counter-factual analyses of German Foreign Relations. I think there are many counter-factual positions such as Nazi leadership, Appeasement, the role of the USA, to take that might give a deeper understanding of the causes of World War II.

      Please feel free to stay in touch.

      And don’t worry about the lengthy post, it was interesting post!

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